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ECI keeps all aspects of your health in focus

Eyecare International can provide you and your family with 20-60% discounts on eyewear and eye care through the ECI national network of quality providers. The ECI Vision Plan offers confident access to the revolutionary eyecare services that are changing people's lives all over the country. Since ECI guarantees that all their network ophthalmologists are Board Certified or Board Eligible, our members can feel secure in the quality of our MDs, their services and their prices.

A Whole New View on Vision

Lasik surgery, and the various other recently developed corrective procedures, have brought a tectonic shift in thinking about "eyecare." Vision limitation is no longer viewed as a static state which can only be temporarily corrected through glasses or contacts but as an easily permanently treatable condition for eligible patients. We at ECI feel it is important to make these life changing opportunities affordably available to our members.

By enrolling in the ECI Vision Plan, our members gain access to a national network of more than 13,000 quality eyecare and eye wear providers located throughout the United States. The ECI network is the only national discount network that includes ophthalmologists (M.D.s) who have agreed to reduce their fees for all of their services including exams and medical and surgical procedures to the Plan members. This is particularly important for individuals whose medical needs require the special training of an M.D. or surgeon. This includes discounts for the latest vision correction procedures and surgeries, as well as early detection and preventative diagnosis of vision threatening conditions for both children and adults.

ECI's primary goal is to provide you and your family with quality eyewear and eye care at affordable prices. So if you wear prescription glasses, contact lenses, or non-prescription sunglasses, or if you need surgery, you will save a substantial amount of money by taking advantage of this program.

You will also be able to take advantage of the only national discount Vision Program offering savings of 20-60% on all ophthalmologic services such as cataract surgery and the latest vision correction surgeries, (including LASIK), plus savings of 20-60% on all eyewear and eye care products. There are no restrictions or limitations.